Making Undruggable Targets Druggable,

Making Incurable
Diseases Curable

Our Mission is to provide novel therapeutic strategies
for patients suffering with refractory diseases.



The Prazer Therapeutics Science Team has been developing
cutting-edge technologies to generate innovative therapeutics
for the treatment of refractory diseases.
The key technologies at Prazer Therapeutics highlight our
molecular approach to drug design.
One of our key technologies is an innovative target protein
degradation technology (SPiDEM™). Utilizing our technologies,
we are developing next-generation therapeutics
to make incurable diseases curable.



Using our key technologies, we are developing novel therapeutics
to treat a variety of refractory diseases. Our SPiDEM™ technology
enables us to develop small molecules that degrade target proteins.
The SPiDEM™-based small molecules can target and
eliminate protein aggregates as well as inflammatory proteins. These small molecules are also capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier.
We are therefore taking advantage of the features of our SPiDEM™ technology to develop therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and refractory inflammatory diseases. In addition, we are also
using our SPiDEM™ technology to develop new therapeutics to treat viral diseases by targeting host factors.